Law School

     As I discussed in my brief biography, becoming a lawyer has been a passion of mine since my teens. My uncle was a lawyer (retired) although I never knew it until I decided to actually go.  While law school does have a reputation of being a scary institution, these fears have been heightened by quintessential law school movies such as, The Paper Chasel4twyyu3where the professor tells his students to “look to the right, look to the left,” because “one of you will not be here next year!”

In all actuality, law school can be scary if you haven’t had much exposure to life. The shriek of terror that overcomes your body when a professor cold-call’s on you to explain a concept you know little about, along with that first exam where you want to just get up and walk up because it seems impossible. I’ve seen classmates in tears, I’ve seen classmates quit, but most importantly, I’ve seen classmates graduate, pass the bar exam and become lawyers! We’ve all been there. Its’ not the punch, it’s how well you can take it!

The law school experience can be smooth with a little advance preparation. I’m not talking about pre-studying; I’m talking about mental preparation, including reaching out to those who have traveled the road you wish to undergo. When I decided to go to law school, I did not personally know one single lawyer or law student. In order to hear their stories, to pick their brains, I had to do what you’re doing now, seek out there stories.  In doing so, I turned to the internet,  I researched; blogs, forums, news groups, Facebook pages, you name it, whatever it took to hear their experiences, to gauge my life against theirs in determining my readiness, willingness, and ability to attend law school.

I grew up in the age of the Internet, back when it was called the “information super-highway”, and adequately so. The amount of information at our fingertips is astounding. The connections to people, especially those who share common goals are inspiring. Unsurprisingly, when I started law school I took the information super-highway approach. I reached out to similar minds all in pursuit of a common goal, becoming a lawyer.

There were sites where like minds converged throughout the entire law school process.  From LSAT prep, application process stories, admission statistics, to acceptance and first year (1L) stories. Simply put, the Internet has been a great resource during law school. It tremendously helped me grasp the notion of “thinking like a lawyer.”  If there was a concept I was weak on, I shared my limitations with fellow law students throughout the country, and received different approaches to common problems.

Here, we’ll discuss all things related to law school. From deciding on whether you should attend, to proven methods of success once you do. The road is not easy; however, with help and guidance hopefully you won’t find yourselves reinventing the wheel several times over.