Hello world!

Welcome to the Prospectives of the The Cadillac Lawyer! First, let me start by saying that the term “Cadillac Lawyer”  is clearly a spin-off from the well-known novel and movie (with whathisface) by one of my favorite legal inspired authors. This unique and fun twist showcases both my passion for the law and my affinity for Cadillac’s.

My love of Cadillac’s started early in life, my grandfather’s long sleek luxurious land yacht would seamlessly pull into our driveway just missing the thirty foot oak at the foot of the driveway by inches before floating to a stop. Specifically, I remember the distinct crest and with ducks and birds and some other fascinating shiny objects that would awe a six year old. Eventually, my dad owned one, which he passed down to me as one of my first cars. Currently, I own one, which I will quite likely pass down to my sons as a  one of their first cars. Over the years I’ve come to cherish all ranges of American made luxury items from Cadillac’s to Brooks Brothers suits. Not for there status, but for what they represent, a symbol of American made quality!

Much like legal analysis, quality, and maintaining that level of quality should be a lawyer’s number one priority! Join me, as we analyze contemporary American legal issues from an urban intellectual prospective.